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Howard Jones brings his solo show to the Sellersville Theatre

By Rob Nagy

A musical presence in England’s flourishing synth-pop movement of the mid ‘80s, Howard Jones rose to international prominence with a string of hit singles that included, “New Song,” “What Is Love,” “Pearl in the Shell,” “Like to Get to Know You Well,” “No One Is to Blame,” “Things Can Only Get Better,” “Life in One Day” and “Everlasting Love.”

Three decades later, Jones, who splits his time performing with his band, solo shows and songwriting is full of gratitude for a career that continues to thrive. 

“The 80’s was very high profile, being in the spotlight and touring around the world,” recalls Jones, while in tour in Southern California.  “It was a whirlwind, which was great and I’m grateful for having that experience, but I could not have continued with that my whole life. I think I would have burned out very quickly.”

“I don’t have the massive spotlight on me so I can just get on with my work and enjoy what I do,” adds Jones. “Thankfully, it’s worked out really well for me. I just want to be a musician going about his work. That really suits me and I’m grateful to have that position in the scheme of things.”

Currently on tour in support of his album, “The Songs and the Stories,” Jones takes fans on a musical journey spanning his career.

“It’s piano and me; very intimate,” says Jones. “I like to do one song that people know and then sing something that’s a bit more deep in the catalog and maybe a song that nobody has heard. The audience is really involved. I even invite them to choose what the next song is going to be. It’s not always about me. The audience has to be involved in the show.”

“I feel very satisfied when I come off stage,” adds Jones. “The shows are really going well. They’re all selling out which is really exciting.
I love playing the Sellersville Theatre. It’s a beautiful little theatre. I always feel like we’re in someone’s living room, it’s so intimate. I never get tired of playing there. It’s lovely.”

Signed to Warner Brothers Records in 1984, Jones exploded onto the music scene with the release of his multiplatinum debut album “Human’s Lib.”  Follow-up album releases “Dream into Action” (1985), “One to One” (1986) and “Cross That Line” (1989) fueled Jones’ continued commercial success.

Enlisted by Sir Bob Geldof in 1985 to perform at the historic Live Aid concert at London’s Wembley Stadium, Jones joined a line-up of the biggest names in rock and roll to help raise money for the ongoing Ethiopian famine.

 “Being involved in that event at all was amazing,” recalls Jones. “When I hit the chorus of “Hide and Seek” the whole audience joined in with me, it was really something. I have such great memories of that day.”

By the late’80s while Jones’ popularity was declining in the U.K., his popularity in the U.S. continued to thrive. His album “In the Running” (1991) saw Jones move away from his signature electronic sound to more traditional piano based compositions, a component that remains a part of his solo shows.

“I won’t be doing quite as many gigs this year so I can be home in the studio and get my new album finished,” says Jones. “The album is half done. Hopefully, I’ll have the rest finished by the end of the year. I’ve also got a song that I especially wrote for a film called “Animals Crackers.”  It’s an animated film coming out in April that is really great. I’m very excited about the song that I’ve written for it.”

“I’m very happy with my career,” adds Jones. “I’m constantly reviewing it - how can I make this better? I never take my fans for granted. I’ve been given the opportunity to do what I’m best at. It’s a two-way deal, I’ll keep doing what I do and thank them for continuing to support it.”

Howard Jones will perform at the Sellersville Theater; located at 24 West Temple Ave., Sellersville, PA, February 26, 2018 at 8:00 P.M. Tickets can be purchased by calling 215-257-5808 or on-line at

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