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Happy birthday to guitar great John Scofield.

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The Peace Creeps return to the Stage

By Rob Nagy

A year has passed since psychedelic pop Philly rockers “The Peace Creeps” career came to an abrupt halt as a result of a severe hand injury that sidelined front man Richard Bush. Healed, rehearsed and ready to hit the road, the Peace Creeps are ready to make their triumphant return to the concert stage.

“We’re all chomping at the bit,” says Richard Bush from his South Philly home. “My hand is pretty much healed.  It’s never going to be normal, but I can play. This is going to be our first show since my accident, and I can’t wait to get back out in front of our fans.”

“I'm very proud of the way the band held together during my rehab (over a year between gigs),” adds Bush, “and just very grateful to be able to make music with such great players and great people.”

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of their 2005 formation, the Peace Creeps (also featuring John Marchiano (guitar), Roy Fisher (bass) and Jeff Pancoast (drums)) is one of the region’s most dynamic and original bands.

The band uniquely captures the spirit of one of the most fertile periods in rock history.

“We’re definitely informed by the late 60’s, early 70’s, and we try to add modern elements,” says Bush. “I don’t want to be a classic rock band, which I don’t believe that we are. I think we sound fresh and new even though we’re referencing a lot of things from the past. We are not trying to disguise anything.  We are who we are.”

“The first time we all played together, I knew we had something,” recalls Bush. “It’s a great band to be in. I couldn’t be happier. There are no conflicts or egos jockeying for position. It’s just, ‘let’s make the best music that we can and have a good time doing it.’”

With a pair of exceptional album releases under their belt (“Autumn of Love” (2006) and “Time Machine” (2011)), The Peace Creeps are currently recording in a South Jersey studio and expect their third album to be released in early 2016.

“We have 8 or 10 songs,” says Bush. “The music is going to be on the same trajectory as what we’ve done before. It’s melodic. It’s from the late 60’s/ early 70’s. It’s a bit more psychedelic. We’re trying to push that area. We’re taking more interesting sonic turns. We’re trying to make it a varied record as much as we can with two guitars, bass and drums and to make it sound like more than that.”

“I think it’s going to be really good,” adds Bush. “I’m really excited about the new material. We will be doing quite a bit of it at Steel City.”

While each of the members of the Peace Creeps are long time veterans of the Philly music scene, Bush enjoyed the most notoriety as the lead vocalist of the Philly rock group “The A’s.” Known for their hits “After Last Night” and “A Woman’s Got The Power,” the band signed a major record deal with Arista and enjoyed moderate national success before disbanding.

“I miss those guys,” reflects Bush. “I liked the us against the world mentality that we had.
I have my legacy with the A’s, whatever that is. They were very big in my world, but there is something more satisfying and pleasing to me about the Peace Creeps. I would really like to establish more of a place for the Peace Creeps. I really do believe that is my best work, and I would like to be remembered for it.”

As electrifying as the Peace Creeps are in the studio, it is the live show that symbolizes the energy of the band while spotlighting Bush’s talent as the consummate showman.

“When I’m on stage, that’s my world,” says Bush. “I don’t have total control. I don’t want total control. I like surprises on stage. But it feels like I know what I’m doing there. I try to be as prepared as I can, knowing lyrics and chords, and then just let it go. If I’m thinking about any move or performance thing then I’m not really in the moment and it isn’t true. It’s really not that hard for me. Once I can find that place, I’m there.”

We know what we can do, what we’re good at and what’s going to work for us,” adds Bush. “I just love playing with these guys. They’re in it for all the right reasons. They give 100% all the time. I’ve been in bands since I was 13, and this is my favorite band ever that I’ve been in. It’s for the music!”

The Peace Creeps will perform at Steel City Coffee House, 203 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460 on Saturday December 19, 2015 at 8:00 P.M. Tickets can be purchased by calling 610-933-4043 or on line at

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An incredible evening of amazing musicianship by two great artist's!

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The THE BAND Band Pays Tribute to Dylan and The Band

 Get your tickets for "The THE BAND Band" when they play Steel City Coffee House (Phoenixville, PA) Friday January 8, 2016


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Get your tickets for the great Phil Keaggy at the Sellersville Theater (Sellersville, PA) this Saturday.

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World Café Welcomes Rumer  
Back to Philly

By Rob Nagy

The classic sound of the 70’s returned to Philadelphia recently, when U.K. artist Rumer (a/k/a Sarah Joyce) played the main stage at World Café Live.

In support of her latest album release, “Into Colour” (2014), Rumer performed a 75-minute set of some of the most melodic and upbeat music to emerge over the past decade.

Performing songs from Into Colour (a set that included “Dangerous,” “You Just Don’t Know People,” “Baby Come Back to Bed,” “Play Your Guitar,” “Better Place,” “Pizza and Pinball” and “I Am Blessed”), Rumer also paid homage to hometown music heroes Hall & Oates and Todd Rundgren with renditions of “I Can’t Go For That” and “Love is the Answer.” 

A predominantly middle-aged audience hung on every note as Rumer, often compared vocally to the late Karen Carpenter, transported her fans back to a time heralded by many as “the greatest decade in modern music.”

Seemingly touched by the welcome reception she received from the Philly fans, Rumer expressed her gratitude throughout the show to the faithful that didn’t let the stormy weather or an early in the week work night deter their attendance.

Flawless in her vocal delivery and backed by a band that nailed the evening’s selections, Rumer was engaging and genuine. 

For fans of traditional vocalists, Rumer is a breath of fresh air. Undoubtedly poised for even greater success, it will be interesting to watch this new star rise.

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Israel Nash captivates a sold-out
Johnny Brenda’s

By Rob Nagy

If you haven’t heard of Israel Nash, you will! A rising start among the fertile alternative/indie music scene, Nash, who has established a significant following outside the US, is turning heads in America.

During a recent swing through Philadelphia in support of his latest album release “Rain Plans,” Nash captured the hearts of music fans while performing an unforgettable double bill.

The first of two Philly appearances found Nash performing before an energized crowd as part of the weekly WXPN “Free at Noon” concert series.  He and his band then crossed town for an evening show at Johnny Brenda’s.

Nash was greeted with rousing applause from a sold out audience that ignored the impending snowstorm, as fans packed the Northern liberties club to capacity.

Nash and his band (Joey McClellan (lead guitar/vocals), Aaron McClellan (bass/vocals), Eric Swanson (pedal steel/vocals) and Josh Fleischmann (drums)) inconspicuously took the stage and casually launched into a 90-minute set of intoxicating compositions.

A visually captivating presence, standing at over 6’ tall and sporting a head of wavy long brown hair, Nash exuded an energy that could only be compared to Neil Young, one of his greatest musical influences.

The 75 minute set included the songs “Myer Canyon,” “Just Like Water,” “Who in Time,” “Goodbye Ghost,” “Mansions,” “Parlor Song,” “Iron of the Mountain,” “Baltimore,” “He’s in the Woods Again,” “Woman at the Well” and “Rain Plans.” The band closed the show with a two-song encore including a crowd-pleasing cover of Pink Floyd’s “Fearless” as well as the Nash original composition “Rexanimarum.” 

Minutes after departing the intimate JB stage, Nash was enthusiastically embraced by many in attendance as he made his way to the foyer to sign autographs, take photos and shake hands with his adoring fans. 

Based on tonight’s performance, Nash is undoubtedly on a trajectory toward stardom.

Photos by Rob Nagy

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Welcome this incredible band back to the stage at Steel City (Phoenixville, PA) on 12/19/15.

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The Paul Thorn Band
will bring its brand of Americana
to Sellersville

By Rob Nagy

“Too Blessed To Be Stressed” is the latest release from Americana blues/rock singer-songwriter Paul Thorn.

I’m proud of it,” says Thorn from his home in Tupelo, Mississippi. “It’s a record with a bunch of positive uplifting songs. Every song has some sort of a message of inspiration, and it’s real upbeat. In the past, I've told stories that were mostly inspired by my own life. This time, I've written 10 songs that express more universal truths, and I've done it with a purpose: to make people feel good.
It’s a happy record that is doing better than any record I’ve put out, which I’m very pleased about.”

“I’ve accumulated fans from touring and going all over the country and meeting people and doing shows,” adds Thorn. “When you have fans that like you, they’ll buy more records. It’s kind of like accumulating friends. When people love you, they’re with you for life. Anything you get real quick usually isn’t good. It takes time and a lot of work to build a quality fan base. There’s nothing that can replace hard work.  Develop your craft and go out there and be among the people. That’s what I believe in.”

Two decades ago, Thorn was applying his driven work ethic to a professional boxing career. After winning most of his fights, which included time in the ring with Roberto Duran and a Mid-South Middleweight Championship, Thorn walked away.

“I realized I If I had stayed in boxing too long I could wind up with slurred speech and dementia,” recalls Thorn. “I had people in my inner circle that weren’t trying to squeeze every dollar they could get out of me. They actually pulled me to the side when it was the right time and said, “You shouldn’t do this anymore. You’ve taken it as far as you can take it, and we don’t want to see you get hurt.  Let’s try something else.”

“Boxing helped me in the area of discipline,” adds Thorn. “I had to get up in the morning and run. I had to go to the gym. I had to eat right. It instilled discipline in me. It was great. Although I was pretty good, I wasn’t good enough to be a world champion.”

Exhibiting a passion and a talent for music, Thorn shifted his energies to where this new adventure would take him. Playing the local club scene while working a day job, Thorn gave music everything he had.

“I didn’t know what the future held,” recalls Thorn. “Everyday I’d get up and I’d say ‘what can I do to better my situation?’ Whether it would be writing a new song or going out and playing in front of a new crowd, I looked for new opportunities.”

“It’s a different time now,” adds Thorn. “A lot of the record companies have gone out of business. Part of my day is going on Facebook. I communicate with my fans. I make videos for them. I talk to them on Twitter. Everything is on the Internet now. So, I mix all that stuff in with my touring. It’s not any one thing that makes someone successful.  It’s a bunch of little things going at once. I’m trying to keep all these balls in the air and not drop one.”

After signing a recording contract with A&M Records, Thorn released his debut album, “Hammer & Nail” in 1997. Never losing sight of his dream and determined to make a name for himself, Thorn ultimately made the Billboard charts with the albums “A Long Way From Tupelo” (2008), “Pimps and Preachers” (2010) and “What the Hell Is Going On” (2012), the latter of which debuted on Billboard’s Top 100 and was one of the most played albums of the year on the AMA Chart.

Having caught the attention of some of the biggest names in music, Thorn has shared the concert stage with Huey Lewis & the News, Sting, Mark Knopfler, Jeff Beck and Bonnie Raitt, among others. Appearances on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” have given Thorn critical exposure to a National TV audience.

Beyond his personal success, Thorn recognizes the invaluable staff and musicians that solidify his organization.

“The key to my longevity has been a team of people that have taken up my slack all these years,” says Thorn. “My manager, Billy Maddox, and I have been working together since I was 17. I have an incredible support group that knows my strengths and my weaknesses. When I step up and do my thing that I’m strong at, they step back and let me do my thing. When they see me running off the track, they step in. If you don’t have that in your life you can’t do anything. I also have an incredibly talented band that I have been working with for more than 20 years.”

“Music has saved my life,” adds Thorn. “It has given me something to do. I’m blessed with talent that has really served me well in my life. I actually get to do what I’m good at and what I enjoy and I get paid. What a blessing. That’s like heaven on earth!”

The Paul Thorn Band will perform at the Sellersville Theater; located at 24 West Temple Ave., Sellersville, PA, on Sunday November 15, 2015 at 7:30 P.M. Tickets can be purchased by calling 215-257-5808 or on-line at

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Photos by Rob Nagy


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